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What is the Best Australian Shepherd Food?

One common problem that an Aussie breeder may encounter is finding the best Australian Shepherd Food.  Really, what is the best food for your Australian shepherd?  Since an Australian Shepherd is a working dog, it is important that it gets its proper nutrition to be able to serve its purpose.

There are two types of food available for Australian Shepherds:  fresh food and commercial food.  Commercial food can be bought from the supermarket making it a practical choice.  It is cheap and saves time and effort.  There are several types of commercial foods: dry, semi-moist, and canned.

Dry commercial food is the most affordable among these commercial foods.  It aids in preventing build up of tartar on the teeth and gives good exercise to your Aussie’s teeth and gums.  However, dry commercial food does not contain enough fat and protein and these are very important in a diet of an Australian Shepherd.

The semi-moist commercial food costs higher than the dry ones but Aussie’s enjoy them because they have a variety of ingredients.  The canned commercial food is the most expensive among the three but it does not prevent tartar like dry commercial foods and has excessive water content.

Commercial food contains a lot of preservatives.  Serving this kind of food to your dog as a consequence will expose him to food allergies.  It will also decrease the immune system of your dog.

Now the best Australian Shepherd food is fresh food.  Fresh food will give your Australian Shepherd the proper and adequate nutrition he needs.  It will also increase his immune system.  Fresh food means home made.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh chicken, pork and beef that you cook and prepare yourself.  It is natural, organic and contains no preservatives.   Thus, if you want to keep your Australian Shepherd healthy go natural and go for fresh food!

What is the Best Australian Shepherd Food?