#1 Australian Shepherd Dog Training Course
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Learn Basic Training Commands for Your Mini Australian Shepherd

Would you be interested to have your Mini Australian Shepherd get basic dog training?  Well, you can provide it to your mini Aussie or get a professional dog trainer to do it for you.  You must remember that since this is a professional trainer, it may cost you quite a lot to hire their services and there is a need for you to bring your dog to class during training.

After thinking it out and taking considerations, you may just decide to do the training yourself, especially if you have the time to do it.  Should you decide to do it by yourself, please get a little training first on how to do it.  You will need to learn even just the basic training commands to teach to your dog.

The three basic commands which you should teach your dog includes: sit, come and stay.  Remember that a mini Aussie is a highly intelligent dog so it would be practically easy to train him.  But you need to remember that he is still a dog, and just like other dogs, he gets motivated when he sees the possibility of getting a treat after obeying a command.

In order to succeed in training, select a place in your house where your dog does not get distracted.  It would help if it is just you and your dog alone during the training.  Distractions can cause delays in training.

To teach a mini Aussie to sit, hold a treat in your hand while you say the word “sit” repeatedly.  When you do this, your dog looks up at the treat in your hand and when he gets frustrated not being able to reach it, he just sits down on his own.  If he does not do this, try to push his rear slowly until he sits.  The moment he gets down on his butt, praise him and give him the treat as his reward.  When your mini Aussie constantly hears the word “sit”, it will associate it in getting praised when sitting.

Training your mini Aussie to “stay” may be the most challenging command that you will teach him.  What you need to do is let your dog sit first then slowly move away from him while you repeatedly tell him to “stay”.  Always look at your dog in the eye, and when your dog should stand up, say “no” then make him sit and say “stay” again.  Just be patient when teaching this to your mini Aussie.

After your dog has learned the command stay, you can now teach your mini Aussie the command “come”.  Say “come” in a very convincing and lovely manner while patting your knee.  When your mini Aussie responds, give him a treat.

Always remember when teaching your mini Australian Shepherd these commands, never punish if it does not obey the commands.  Using praise will assure you a more positive response.

Learn Basic Training Commands for Your Mini Australian Shepherd