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How to Prepare for an Australian Shepherd Show

Admit it or not, participating in an Australian Shepherd show can be one way to earn extra income and you can use your prize, if you win, for any expenses that you may need in maintaining your Aussie, like for the food that he eats, grooming and health.  There are so many dog shows in a year where you may bring your Aussie to participate in.

So how do you get your Australian Shepherd prepared for a dog show?  You need to know that there are no shortcuts.  What I mean is you cannot just immediately prepare your dog for a show that will happen in a month’s time.  Hence, if you already have it in your heart that your Aussie will be participating in future dog shows; prepare your dog ahead of time.  While your Aussie is still a puppy, start your preparations by paying special attention to his grooming.  Your Aussies skin and coat should be free of flaws.

Obedience training on your Australian Shepherd should also be given special attention.  If you see your Aussie is well behaved at home and in public, especially when exposed to other dogs, then that is one sign that he is ready for a dog show.

To make sure that your Aussie is healthy, visit a vet and ask him about the proper nutrition, vitamins and vaccinations that you should provide to your pet.  It may cost you but do not worry because all your efforts and expenses will be returned back to you when your Aussie starts winning on dog shows.  Always remember that any minor health problem that will be seen on your dog like a single flea can take your dog out from the show.

It would help if you practice at home by setting up show ring at your home.  This will orient your Aussie on what he will see on the show and how he is supposed to act.  It can also help remove any nervous feelings from your dog during the day of the show.

Before joining any dog show, be sure to read the rules of the contests that you will be participating in and prepare all the papers and pay the entry fees.  On the day of the dog show, make sure your Aussie is well groomed and has eaten well but do not overfeed him.  Make sure also that you have a treat in hand to give to your Aussie every time he obeys a command.

The most important preparation you need to do for an Australian Shepherd show is accepting defeat.  Always be prepared to lose, but never give up.  Practice with your dog more and join future contests.  The time will come for you and your dog and when that time comes trust me the rewards will keep on pouring in.

How to Prepare for an Australian Shepherd Show