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Australian Shepherd Facts – Ways to Keep Your Aussie Happy and Healthy

Both the dog and a dog owner need to have a regimen to be physically fit and have a healthy lifestyle.  Perhaps as an owner of an Aussie, you would be interested of some Australian Shepherd facts on ways to keep your Aussie happy and healthy.

Our Aussie will need both exercise and proper nutrition to stay healthy.  This breed loves activities; hence it won’t be a problem to regularly find a way to exercise the dog by playing or walking with the dog.  Aussies love playing with Frisbees because they are so good at it.  As a pet owner, you also get exercised yourself when playing with your dog.

As far as nutrition is concerned, a dog does not necessarily need to be fed abundantly to keep it healthy.  A recommended dog diet consists of 40% meat, 10% carbohydrates and 50% veggies.  When buying dog food, make sure that the ingredients indicate sources of protein, such as lamb or chicken.  Feed your Aussie only twice a day, one in the morning and once in the evening.

When taking your dog for exercise, make sure you do not get your dog too exhausted.  You can see if your Aussie is already exhausted if you see signs of panting.  When this happens, provide your Aussie with water and let him rest.

Most of all, the most important care we can give our Aussie is our love and attention.  We sometimes tend to neglect that our dogs need our attention too.  Some Australian Shepherd facts state that the Aussie is one dog that can get too attached to its owner.  Responding to your dogs sweetness will make it happy and healthy.

Australian Shepherd Facts – Ways to Keep Your Aussie Happy and Healthy